Friday, January 29, 2010


I think everyone needs a few statement pieces in their closet whether it is casual or dressy. This can easily be done with color. I have always wanted a red jacket and I finally got one! I purchased this coat from ModCloth (BBDakota) and I am soooo happy with it. There were a few negative comments about the coat, but I knew the brand was good and it looked so cute, so I thought I would try it out and I was completely happy with my purchase. This is the second coat that I have purchased of this brand and I am always happy with the quality and fit of their pieces.

This is my statement piece for the day and I do love red. Red is one of my favorite colors and I am so happy I finally purchased a red coat. It is such a versatile coat that can be worn all year around. I know I will be wearing this a lot. I am sometime a little crazy, because I do live in Canada and it is cold this time a year, but sometimes I just don't care and wear clothes that I want to wear. This jacket for instance, I am sure most people wouldn't dare to walk out in the cold in this, but I did. If I was going out tobogganing or skiing of course I wouldn't wear it, but if my time outside includes getting in and out of the car, walking short distance in places then I figure why not. I had to run a few errands and take husband lunch, so the actually time I spent outside was only 5 min. I wear what I want and I try not to let weather discourage me from wearing something that I want. If you do have to spend time outside, then layers, lots of layers!

I paired my jacket with my wide leg jeans and a red pump. Undeneathe the coat I am wearing a white light weight sweater with camisole, finally I accessorized with some antique hoops. I am really happy with this coat and I absolutely love the color. I hope I have inspired you today with my look. ~Joey

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Feel More Like Me

Yesterday I tried something totally different and in the end I just didn't feel like myself and the outfit I wore just wasn't me. I really liked the outfit and hope that I inspired some people, but as for me I think I will retire the look and let someone else have it ;-) Today I am feeling more like myself and I am a lot happier with the outfit I wore. I feel like the outfits we choose to wear represent us and give people a little insight about who we are and I think this look definitely shows who I am.

I really do love black and have always been a fan of it, but recently I have wanted to introduce color into my wardrobe and I feel like I can do both. I still wear a lot of black, but I try and add a vibrant punch of color into each look. sometimes it is just a purse or maybe shoes, but this time it was the belt! I purchased this belt yesterday and a local shop, but did notice that it could be bought at and in a few more colors. I was drawn to it instantly and had to have it! I thought it would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe and as I was purchasing the item,  I had outfit after outfit running through mind that I could use this belt for. This was the first outfit that came to mind. I have a full skirt with a crinoline and added a simple, basic black cardigan. I finished it off with the pink rose belt, polka dot tights (I love polka dots)  and my black pumps. The belt is the featured item of this outfit and it pops off the black. The black skirt and dress was the canvas to the wonderful piece of art (the belt).

This outfit really makes me feel feminine and beautiful! My husband always chuckles at me when he walks in the door at lunch. I always ask him what he thinks of my outfit and I really enjoy his responses. Yesterday I think he thought my outfit was neat and today I was cute. To be honest I am lucky to have him, because he is honest and he does tell me if something looks off or doesn't flatter me. I would rather him give me the honest truth! I hope you like my outfit today and I inspire you!! ~Joey

First Blogg

I didn't ever think I would actually be doing this, but I am. I always said I would never be a blogger, but I thought I would try it out. I have had a lot of requests to start a blog, so why not. This is my first blog and probably won't be very exciting, but I will try and make it as interesting as possible. Most of my blogs will display my thoughts and images on fashion, my fashion.

I would say that my style is a modern 40's-50's look. I try to incorporate vintage pieces with modern items. I am in love with that Era and how woman dressed and styled themselves. I look back to them as inspiration and I hope that I can inspire some of you. I love wearing dresses and recently skirts!! I have always tried to figure out what best suited my body and I feel like the style I have adopted works. I am about 5'4" (5'9" with heels) and I have a petite upper body with hips! Yes that's right, hips! I have never been fond of my hips, but recently I have come to terms with them and figured that they weren't going to go away, so I might as well use them. I try to choose outfits that flatter and accentuate them!I love wearing pencil skirts and A-line cuts. I am focused on feeling pretty and trying to look the best that I can on a daily basis! I feel lucky to be a woman and we as woman should embrace it. We have so many options, tools and amazing opportunities to show who we are. Fashion gives us this opportunity, so I am going to use it to my full advantage. I love being a woman!

I hope I inspire you with my blogg and fashion sense! ~Joey