Thursday, March 11, 2010

Las Vegas

Here is one of the outfits I wore while we were in Vegas. It was a lot colder then I expected upon arrival and most days I bundled up with a jacket and a scarf. This is a casual look for me and sometimes a look that I really like. I fell like some days I am all over the place for fashion, but in the end I wear what I feel and this is what I felt for this day. I couple of the items I am wearing I have had for a few years now, the leather coat, boots and the jeans are going on 3 years now. The items are a bit more expensive, but as you can tell they have lasted a while, so to me they are worth the money. Sometimes I will splurge on items that I know will be in my closet for a while! One item I have a hard time spending money on is sunglasses. I had eye surgery about 6 months ago and I had to purchase a good pair of sunglasses. The reason I never spend a lot of money on  sunglasses is because I always end up losing them or breaking them, but this time I had no choice. I went out in search of the perfect pair and if I was going to spend the money on them I wanted to love them. I did find the perfect pair and did spend a bit more money then I wanted to. I am sure you are wondering why I am telling you this, well I finally ended up losing them while in Vancouver. I was so upset , because I had set them down while looking at an item in the store and noticed within a few minutes that I left them there.  I back tracked all my steps and someone had already lifted them. I knew that I hadn't gone far and that I did it a particular spot, so I felt that I was getting them back. I was upset that somebody would steal them and not handed them in. I know that if I ever come across an item that someone has left behind, I am definitely going to hand them in, in hopes that the person would come back. It kind of ruined my day and from that moment on I decided I was never going to spend a lot of money on sunglasses again. the next day I was in search for a new pair, but this time I spent my max $50.00. I got them on sale and I am happy with the style and look.

I just purchased this stripe top while in Vancouver and has become one of my favorites! I layered it with my leather coat and finished it off with boots, a gray purse and sunglasses. I hope you like my look today and that I have inspired you!


  1. This outfit is so classic; yet edgy. You look beautiful!

  2. Nice look, love the bag! I think those sunglasses really suit you. It's such a shame when people are dishonest and don't do the right thing in those situations, but at least you have found another pair!

  3. so glad you are back! you look amazing. you do casual in such an elegant and chic way. i am so sorry that happened to you with your sunglasses. i usually don't spend money on them because i either break them or lose them. but the new ones are awesome!