Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1940's Classic

The 1940's look is such a classic look and I don't think will ever go out of style. I love this Era and the style of clothing the woman were wearing. The clothing was always very flattering to a woman's shape, yet very sexy. It focused on the woman's waist and created an hour glass figure, which is very flattering and sexy. This style works best for me, because I do have hips!! I always feel so confident when I wear a dress that hugs me in all the right places. The dress I am wearing is a "Stop Staring Dress" (http://www.stopstaringclothing.com/) in red. I absolutely love the style and the dress. The color is so vibrant and the shape works in every way. It is amazing when you put these dresses on, you feel so sexy yet you are completely cover. This goes to show that you don't always have to wear the skimpiest outfit to feel sexy.

The 1940's included a lot of styles like this and started to introduce a more casual approach. The hemlines usually touched just below the knee. The dresses  were fitted and it was important to accentuate the waist to create the hour glass figure. Blouses became fuller and skirts became slimmer. I also like to wear a lot of high waisted skirts!! The style really started to develop after the 1930's and that included hair and accessories. Hair was bigger and fuller and waves started contouring the face. I still haven't mastered pin curls and waves, but I think I have a style that is close and is easy to do. They usually finished off their hair styles with a small hat, which usually included some sort of netting. Other accessories that started to come into the 1940's were high heels, gloves, bangles, earrings, pins and purses with Bakelite. Everything about this Era is wonderful!!

Today I wore a red Stop Staring Vintage inspired dress with Black tights, pumps and finished it off with black gloves, gold accessories and a faux fur wrap. I hope you like my vintage inspired dress and learned a little bit about the 1940's fashion Era!! ~Joey


  1. absolutely fab! these photos make you look very different, you look like you've stepped back in time :)

  2. i think it's so cool that you found a style that looks amazing on you and you don't worry about what's on trend or "in." you stay true to yourself. you look gorgeous! just love it!

  3. You're gorgeous Joey! Found you on chictopia and your style and fashion photography is so inspiring. I also love the fact that you're Canadian!!!!

    I'll be checking back soon XO

  4. i love ur styleeee.its so chic n u r so pretty toooo...:)) keep up a good work..
    owhh see mine too.. http://umminasir.blogspot.com **cheers**