Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Hair-Inspired

I was really inspired by the actress Zooey Deschanel who starred in the movie 500 Days of Summer. I absolutely loved this movie and the fashion was perfect and just what I like. Everything about her was perfect. I really loved her hair from this movie and I was going to the hairdresser, so I thought why not try it out. I did a lot of research before hand and found as many pictures I could. I tried to find the cut at different angles, so the hairdresser could get it just right. I didn't change the color, because I wanted to keep the color I had, I have experimented with all types of colors and I found that a medium blonde suited my best, but who knows it could change, I tend to do that. I do wish my hair was a bit longer, but I can't do anything to make it grow fast, so I will just have to be patient. I really like the hair cut and it is a nice change. It is funny how much more I look like my mom. I am sure I could find a picture of her at my age and you would think we were twins. I hope you like the new look!

My Inspiration:

My outfit today was kept fairly simple. I like simple :-) Less is more right? I think sometimes we forget about that and tend to over do it. Sometimes when I am putting together outfits I start with a look and then add and add and then eventually take away until I feel it is right. My look is definitely not edgy or crazy and I get a lot of comments that my look is simple and classic, so I guess that is how you would best describe it. My look is Vintage, Feminine Classic!

I am really into skirts and I bought this from Modcloth and received it today. There where great reviews, so I though I would give it a try (I love polka dots) and I was very pleased with my purchase. I feel that the older I get the little more conservative I get. I am going to be 30 in about a month and it really affects my views on what I think I should be wearing. I love the short skirts and I do have a few dresses that are shorter, but I find the longer skirts are just as cute. I never used to wear skirts this long, but I am really starting to like them. They have a great vintage feel to them yet they are still sexy!! I feel more comfortable in them as well. I have self conscience of my thighs and knees, so I don't really like showing them off. I am sure most people would think I was crazy to feel this way, but it is true and we all have insecurities and this is one of mine. It takes a lot for me to wear shorter skirts or dresses and most of the time I am uncomfortable, so I think I will go more towards a longer skirt that hits at the knee. It did keep it fairly simple so I paired it with cream tights, cardigan and black pumps. I chose to go with the black and white look today!! I decide to add a bit of color and that was with my lips, a bit of red to spice things up.

I am always look for inspiration and I love it when I find it! I was truly inspired by this movie and Zooey Deschanel's look. I am really going for the vintage , feminine classic look and I think she really demonstrated it well in this movie. I think we should all follow are hearts and dress the way we want to do and thanks to today's' society we can do this. Always look for inspiration and don't be afraid to be who you are. Hope you like my new hair and I have inspired you!! ~Joey


  1. I LOVE ZOOEY!!! This outfit is very simple and classic!

  2. i love your new bangs! you look gorgeous. you have such a beautiful look in this outfit. simple, but you wear it so well.

  3. I love this whole look and I can TOTALLY relate on...well pretty much everything you wrote. Skirt length, insecurity about my legs...etc. lol Check out my blog if you ever feel so inclined. :)