Monday, February 8, 2010

Casual Day

We all have days that we just don't want to wear a dress or skirt, but that doesn't mean we can't still look feminine and cute. That is the greatest thing about jeans! There are so many styles out there,  from bootcut to flare to skinny and wide legged. We all need to find a good pair of jeans that fits are bodies perfect. I have a classic look, so I tend to go with more classic style jeans. I have worn all types and I feel the most comfortable in a dark washed, wide legged jeans. I feel they fit me the best and are the most flattering on my body. It is better to have one really good pair of jeans in your closet then 50 okay pairs. You really have to shop around and try different styles on and you don't always have to spend a lot of money. I have bought expensive jeans before, so I was surprised by the price of these jeans. Not only did they fit perfect the price was ridiculously low. If you do find the perfect pair of jeans, don't be afraid to by a couple pair of the same brand and sometimes you can even get them in different washes. I do this a lot, when I find an item that is perfect for me and I know I might wear it a lot, I will by doubles! It sucks when your favorite jeans get worn out and they don't sell that style anymore. So, make sure you try and find the perfect pair of jeans for your body. You don't always have to go with the what is in style at that moment, because sometimes that style just doesn't work for everyone.

Jeans can be a casual look, but we can always pair them with items to dress them up. I think my look is casual, but because I am very feminine I tend to add items that dress the jeans up a bit. You can change the look of a pair of jeans by what you add. You can wear a t-shirt to dress it down or pair it with a cute blouse, heels and blazer to dress it up. Jeans can be a lot of fun to play with and don't always have to be worn with t-shirts and runners. I darker wash jean tends to look a little dressier then a light wash. A jean can also show off your personality as well, so when you are out there looking for a pair of jeans try and keep these little tricks in mind, but don't forget to get the pair of jeans that flatters you the best, that is the most important thing.

I paired these jeans with a purple blouse and topped it off with and adorable jacket. Basically the whole outfit was based around the jacket. I bought this Jacket last year while on vacation and it is such a cute casual coat. I love how there is a small puffy sleeve, which makes it a little bit more feminine. this jacket is very versatile and goes with so many things. The color is neutral, so it can be paired with a lot of different colors. It is also a great coat to pair with dresses for the summer.I finished the look off with camel colored pumps and purse.  I hope I have inspired you to find that perfect pair of jeans and try dressing them up on dressing them down. ~Joey

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  1. i totally love this outfit! those are the perfect jeans for you:)