Monday, February 1, 2010

Multiple Uses

I think sometimes we forget that items in our closets can be used in different ways, I know that I forget. My outfit today is the perfect example. It is a short dress that has a small fabric belt. I have worn this before with jeans and boots and as is with tights and shoes. I really love this dress, especially the top. I am not sure what got me thinking about this last night, but I was going through items in my closet and remembered that just because it is a dress, doesn't mean I can't use it for something else.  I think sometimes when we buy stuff and we label it and forget that it can used in many different ways. We need to think outside of the box sometimes and experiment with our wardrobe. This is what I did today and I happy with how it turned out. The fit of the dress is fairly straight and the material is light weight, so it fit perfect under the skirt. I am really glad I tried this out, it is one of my favorite outfits! I love wearing high waisted skirts and this blouse/dress is a perfect compliment to it.

I am really happy this outfit worked outfit for me today. I usually try and think about what I am going to wear the night before and this is what I came up with in my head :-). I love this little dress and the colors are so pretty. The small detail with the buttons is my favorite part. I decided to try it out with the skirt and have it as the blouse and it works. I paired it with purple tights, my black high waisted skirt and pumps (I loooove these shoes). I wore my BB Dakota jacket and finished it off with a vintage purse. I hope you get inspired to look at your clothes and think outside the box, just because it says it is dress doesn't always mean it has to be. Hope you enjoy my look today.~ Joey


  1. I adore BB Dakota, and I think this look is very well put together. I love the idea of trying to re-visualize what's in my closet. Wonderful post! :D


  2. Wow that is really cute. I try to do the think outside the box thing. I think most of my outfits are outside the box because of how much jewelry I try to wear with it lol. Most times I dont have time/dont in general to play with clothes. But every so often, I just come up with something magical....too bad I never remember my camera.