Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Floral Prints

A new trend for this spring is Bold, Floral Prints. There are so many wonderful prints out there, so get out there and buy skirts and dresses for spring with floral prints. Floral prints have emerged even bigger, brighter and bolder and we are going to see it everywhere, so don't forget those shoes, bags, belts and shirts. My outfit today was inspired by this trend, but because we still have snow I worked it for the winter. I still try and give my style a vintage feel, but incorporate modern pieces.  I am so happy to see floral coming back!!

I am so ready for spring and ready to get rid of the snow. I decided that maybe if a floral pattern would help or at least help my mind. I love this floral pattern, it is so pretty and the colors are so vibrant. As you all know bold floral prints are a hot trend for spring. That is one great thing about this little dress, it can be dressed for winter, but will be lovely for spring. This is actually a dress and I topped it with a black cardigan and wide belt. I am in love with lace tights, so I paired it with a black pair and finished it off with my favorite pumps. Because it is winter and I need to cover up this beautiful floral, so I wore and great winter coat I purchased at MEXX. I love this wool coat and the look of it. It has a wide belt, which I can cinch in to accentuate my waist. This is a must have piece for anyone’s closet. You can never go wrong with a winter, wool coat. I was feeling the winter blues and wanted to brighten my day up, so that is why I chose this bright, bold floral print. I know it wont be to much longer until the snow is goes away, but it can’t be soon enough. I hope you like my outfit today and are inspired to try out some Bold Floral Prints!

I always get those winter blues, so I try and make changes in my wardrobe to brighten things up or change something about myself and what better way to do that then change your hair.  I am so excited because tomorrow I am heading out for a haircut and color. I think I will stay within the same color scheme I have going, but I think I will make a big change with the cut. The length will be the same ( I really trying to grow it, it seems to be stuck in this one length), but I need to add some flare, so look out for tomorrows pic, because I will have new hair. 


  1. Stunning. I have noticed the floral print coming into season too! I love it. My problem is finding LONG skirts in floral print, like the skirts I find are 15 inches and while its cute, I just wish they were longer :/. I was thinking of looking at places like New York & Company. I dont suppose you have any tips?

  2. Floral is the absolute your stockings! <3


  3. Hey there,a lot of skirts out there are a lot shorter unfortunately because that is the style. I do know that BB Dakota carries a few that are knee length. I think you will have to shop around a bit and if you look in thrift/vintage stores you might find longer styles, because back then they only wore them to the knee and not above. Good Luck and happy Shopping!